J. Photopolym. Sci. Tech.

Integration of directed self-assembly with 193 nm lithography

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Directed self-assembly (DSA), which combines self-assembled polymers with lithographically defined substrates, has been considered as a potential candidate to extend optical lithography. In order to assess the capabilities and limitations of DSA as a viable patterning technology for the fabrication of semiconductor devices, we seek to integrate DSA with state-of-the-art optical lithography in a straightforward and process-friendly manner. In this paper, we discuss several integration strategies which allow 193 nm immersion lithography to produce suitable topographical and chemical guiding patterns for DSA. The ability to use optical lithography and commercially available patterning materials to fabricate effective guiding patterns will enable DSA to be applied to 300 mm wafers with state-of-the-art fab tooling and will open the door to meaningful wafer-scale characterization of DSA performance. © 2010 CPST.