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Incorporating architecture patterns in a SoS optimization framework

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Creation and management of large complex systems of systems (SoS) can be a daunting task for even the most experienced engineers. Architecting these systems requires considerable domain expertise and next generation tools to seamlessly link requirements elicitation, through to modeling and simulation, and finally through to implementation. The resulting SoS can be so complex that it is virtually impossible for a single person to understand all its interactions. An important aid to this process is the use of architecture patterns that provide blueprints for proven elements of a system that can be incorporated into the evolution of a system or service. This paper describes a novel approach in validating architecture patterns during the early phases of service or product design and development. We propose an architecture optimization method called Concise Modeling to be used in conjunction with architecture patterns to expedite SoS architecture exploration and analysis. © 2013 IEEE.


01 Dec 2013


SMC 2013