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Improvement of RC performance for advanced ULK/Cu interconnects with CVD hybrid dielectric/metal liner

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A CVD-hybrid dielectric/metal liner has been demonstrated by simulation and actual structure. From line resistance (R) and line capacitance (C) simulation, the CVD-hybrid liner deposited on porous ULK (k=2.2) inter layer dielectrics (ILD) is shown that it is possible to improve RC performance. The CVD-hybrid liner with CVD-SiCN and CVD-Ru shows good liner conformality, Cu diffusion barrier property and oxidation barrier property. Integration process is investigated to achieve optimum CVD-hybrid liner structure with special RIE technique. 14.6% RC performance improvement can be achieved with triple-layered ULK(k=2.2)/Cu integrated interconnect structure. The CVD-hybrid liner is a strong candidate to achieve a better RC performance for future technology nodes. © 2011 IEEE.