IMAPS 2013
Conference paper

High thermal conductive inter chip fill for 3D-IC through pre-applied joining process


Three dimensional (3D) IC has been proposed for high performance and low power in recent years. Due to the narrow gap between stacked chips and fine pitch of bumps, new inter chip fill (ICF) which can be used for pre-applied ICF process is required. The heat generation of 3D-IC is higher than 2D, so that a high thermal conductive inter chip fill (HT-ICF) is simultaneously required to dissipate the heat from 3D-IC and for the purpose of pre-applied ICF and HT-ICF, highly active flux agent and thermal conductive materials such as filler and matrix have been called for at the same time. In this study, some kind of materials were prepared, synthesized and optimized for the HT-ICF, and we evaluated its characteristic and confirmed applicability to pre-applied joining for 3D-IC.