ICDH 2022
Conference paper

Health Guardian Platform: A technology stack to accelerate discovery in Digital Health research

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This paper highlights the design philosophy and architecture of the Health Guardian, a platform developed by the IBM Digital Health team to accelerate discoveries of new digital biomarkers and development of digital health technologies. The Health Guardian allows for rapid translation of artificial intelligence (AI) research into cloud-based microservices that can be tested with data from clinical cohorts to understand disease and enable early prevention. The platform can be connected to mobile applications, wearables, or Internet of things (IoT) devices to collect health-related data into a secure database. When the analytics are created, the researchers can containerize and deploy their code on the cloud using pre-defined templates, and validate the models using the data collected from one or more sensing devices. The Health Guardian platform currently supports time-series, text, audio, and video inputs with 70+ analytic capabilities and is used for non-commercial scientific research. We provide an example of the Alzheimer's disease (AD) assessment microservice which uses AI methods to extract linguistic features from audio recordings to evaluate an individual's mini-mental state, the likelihood of having AD, and to predict the onset of AD before turning the age of 85. Today, IBM research teams across the globe use the Health Guardian internally as a test bed for early-stage research ideas, and externally with collaborators to support and enhance AI model development and clinical study efforts.