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Efficient optical activation of ion-implanted Zn acceptors in GaN by annealing under 10 kbar N2 overpressure

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We continue our investigations into the optical activation of Zn-implanted GaN annealed under ever higher N2 overpressure. The samples studied were epitaxial GaN/sapphire layers of good optical quality which were implanted with a 1013 cm-2 dose of Zn+ ions at 200 keV, diced into equivalent pieces and annealed under 10 kbar of N2- The N2 overpressure permitted annealing at temperatures up to 1250°C for 1 hr without GaN decomposition. The blue Zn-related photoluminescence (PL) signal rises sharply with increasing anneal temperature. The Zn-related PL intensity in the implanted sample annealed at 1250°C exceeded that of the epitaxially doped GaN:Zn standard proving that high temperature annealing of GaN under kbar N2 overpressure can effectively remove implantation damage and efficiently activate implanted dopants in GaN. We propose a lateral LED device which could be fabricated using ion implanted dopants activated by high temperature annealing at high pressure.