IEDM 2005
Conference paper

Design of high performance PFETs with strained Si channel and laser anneal


The effects of the integration of two major PFET performance enhancers, embedded SiGe (e-SiGe) junctions and compressively stressed nitride liner (CSL) have been examined systematically. The additive effects of e-SiGe and CSL have been demonstrated, enabling high performance PFET (drive current of 640 uA/um at 50 nA/um off state current at 1V) with only modest Ge incorporation (∼20 at. %) in S/D. And for the first time, we have demonstrated that by integrating e-SiGe and laser anneal (LA), defect-free e-SiGe can be fabricated, and the benefits of both techniques can be retained. Our study of geometric effects also reveals that e-SiGe can be extended to 45 nm technology and beyond. © 2005 IEEE.