ServDes 2023

Design at the interplay of new technologies and financial services in the Global South


The aim of this thematic workshop we aim to bring to the discussion the challenges of designing technologies for financial services in Brazil and the Global South, inviting the audience to participate in practical exercises and discuss two case studies: a conversational system that aims to support access to microcredit for small business owners, called Business Heath Index voice-based Bot (BHI Bot) (Candello et al., 2022) and CariCrop, an application that addresses payment delays, attempting to bridge the gap between purchase of goods and de-facto payments through Digital Ledger Technologies (DLTs) such as Blockchains (Pothong et al, 2022, Pschetz et al, 2020). In the workshop the two applications will be presented as probes to discuss essential ethical values to design technologies for social good. Keywords: Financial technologies, value-sensitive design, social good