SPIE Optoelectronics in Computers, Communications, and Control 1992
Conference paper

Coupling efficiency of a batch-aligned laser-fiber array


Coupling efficiencies for 32-wide, batch-aligned arrays of laser-fiber interconnects were measured and compared to the efficiency obtainable with individual alignment. The tests were carried out using 1300 nm, InP ridge lasers and Corning SMF-28, single-mode optical fibers. In this paper, the associated fabrication and alignment techniques are described briefly. Results are given showing how coupling efficiency depends on misalignment, on laser-to-fiber distance, on fiber bevel angle, and on piece-to-piece variations among lasers and fibers. A direct comparison of batch alignment versus individual alignment is also given, which shows that the average batch-aligned efficiency is about 88 percent as large as the individually aligned (optimal) efficiency. This result, which reflects a particular packaging methodology and best-effort alignment, gives a good indication of the coupling efficiencies which may be typically expected for wide, batch-aligned arrays.