CSCW 2023
Conference paper

Community-driven AI: Empowering people through responsible data-driven decision-making

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The increasing integration of AI and data-driven technologies in various sectors of society presents both opportunities and challenges, particularly regarding ethical, fair, and inclusive applications. This one-day workshop aims to convene researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other community members to explore the complexities of community-driven AI with the aim to promote responsible and sustainable practices in the AI ecosystem. Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives, participants will engage in discussions focused on themes such as understanding stakeholder relationships and positions in AI systems, evaluating community impact in AI ecosystems, examining policy and intervention implications, and devising strategies for effective partnership and collaboration with communities. The workshop will provide a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and fostering long-lasting collaborations. By collectively addressing the challenges and opportunities in community-driven AI, we aspire to build an active community that supports ethical, inclusive, and sustainable AI-driven solutions, empowering communities in an increasingly data-driven world.