IEEE Electron Device Letters

CMOS-compatible replacement metal gate InGaAs-OI FinFET With ION=156μA/μm at VDD= 0.5V and IOFF=100nA/μm

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We report CMOS-compatible n-channel InGaAs-on-insulator FinFETs obtained using a replacement metal gate fabrication flow. The fabricated devices feature 12-nm-thick SiNx spacers, a scaled high-k/metal gate (capacitance equivalent thickness of ∼ 1.5nm), raised source and drain doped to ∼ 6× 1019/cm3, and fin width scaled down to 15 nm. Very good control of short-channel effects is demonstrated down to a gate length of 50 nm with a minimum subthreshold swing of 92 mV/decade at VDS=0.5V and a drain-induced barrier lowering of 57 mV/V. An ON-state current (ION) of 156μA/μm is also reported for a supply voltage of 0.5 V and a fixed OFF-state current of 100 nA/μm. This ION value is the highest reported to date for CMOS-compatible InGaAs devices integrated on Si.