SPIE Advanced Lithography 2014
Conference paper

CDSEM AFM hybrid metrology for the characterization of gate-all-around silicon nano wires

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In an ongoing study of the physical characterization of Gate-All-Around Silicon Nano Wires (GAASiNW), we found that the thin, suspended wires are prone to buckling as a function of their length and diameter. This buckling takes place between the fixed source and drain regions of the suspended wire, and can affect the device performance and therefore must be studied and controlled. For cylindrical SiNW, theory predicts that buckling has no directional preference. However, 3D CDSEM measurement results indicated that cylindrical wires prefer to buckle towards the wafer. To validate these results and to determine if the electron beam or charging is affecting our observations, we used 3D-AFM measurements to evaluate the buckling. To assure that the CDSEM and 3D-AFM measure the exact same locations, we developed a design based recipe generation approach to match the 3D-AFM and CDSEM coordinate systems. Measuring the exact same sites enables us to compare results and use 3D-AFM data to optimize CDSEM models. In this paper we will present a hybrid metrology approach to the characterization of GAASiNW for sub-nanometer variations, validating experimental results, and proposing methods to improve metrology capabilities. © 2014 SPIE.