John Arthur


John Arthur


Manager - Brain-Inspired Hardware


IBM Research - Almaden San Jose, CA USA


I joined IBM in 2010 to work on the DARPA-funded SyNAPSE Project. I am currently a principal research scientist and hardware manager in the Brain-Inspired Computing Group at IBM Almaden Research Center. Previously, I did postdoctoral and graduate work in bioengineering at Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania, respectively.

We published a 2nd chip paper in Science (2023) about NorthPole. NorthPole is a high-performance, high-efficiency neural network inference accelerator. It uses local memory within a parallel, distributed array of 256 cores, linked by NoCs. Fabbed in a 12nm finFET process, the chip has 224 MB of SRAM and uses 22 billion transistors. It represents the most efficient chip to date for several inference tasks such as Resnet-50 classification and Yolov4 detection.

We published a paper in IEEE Computer (2019) summarizing the TrueNorth project from inception to presentation of our recent 64-Million-Neuron System.

We published a paper in PNAS (2016) on our algorithm, Eedn, for learning deep neural networks for TrueNorth.

We published a paper in Science (2014) on our chip, TrueNorth, with 1 million neurons and 256 million synapses.



Top collaborators

Pallab Datta

Pallab Datta

Senior Research Scientist, Brain-Inspired Computing