IBM Cyber Security Center of Excellence (CCoE)

Beer Sheva

in Collaboration with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

May 06, 2018 - IBM Recognizes CCoE Researchers with Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards and Research Division Awards

Marking the successful completion of key projects, several teams of CCoE researchers were recognized by IBM's Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA), Outstanding Technical Innovation Award (OIAA) and IBM's prestigious Research Division Awards (RDA). A group of researchers, working in close collaboration with Trusteer engineers, developed an AI-based engine for fast identification of phishing sites. This solution increased the efficacy of fraudulent-site screening by two orders of magnitude. Another group of researchers, working in collaboration with IBM's Security Information and Event Management development teams, supported the development of a product for scoring insider threats, which has garnered unprecedented client impact. In a third CCoE project recognized, the team developed a mechanism for rapid bring-up of IBM's SIEM solution in a government-grade network--within a very short time period. Contact us for details on these activities.