Innovation and economic demands are moving rapidly, creating new challenges for educational institutions. From delivering quality educational experiences regardless of a student’s location to being at the center of regional/global research hubs, the needs to continually adapt and optimize resources are certain. Answers will likely require new cloud-based solutions, and some may even involve systemic transformations which prioritize personalized experiential learning, exploit disruptive technologies, and strengthen and expand industry partnerships.

The IBM Cloud Academy is a network of educational institutions and partners who are actively integrating cloud and cognitive technologies into classrooms, research centers and infrastructures. Collaborating with IBM researchers, developers, IT architects and others, our community helps insure each member maximizes the benefits of cloud and cognitive computing investments. By sharing best practices and collaborating across disciplines and industries, we’re advancing innovation at all levels.

6th International IBM Cloud Academy Conference

6th International IBM Cloud Academy Conference, ICACON 2018, May 24-26, 2018,
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan

Join academics and practitioners working on methods and tools to address problems around the development, deployment, management and use of cloud infrastructures.

Alex Leonov. Electrical Engineering NCSU. Gabriel Garza. Electrical Engineering NCSU.

Build student projects in the cloud with IBM

Hear how students can use IBM Cloud for free. Students can explore Watson, IOT, data analytics, Blockchain services, and more on the cloud.