Machine Learning and Big Data

Today’s machine learning uses analytic models and algorithms that iteratively learn from data - with a level of accuracy that is beginning to mimic human intelligence.

IBM Data Science Experience on IBM Cloud

Built for data scientists by data scientists, the IBM Data Science Experience is a new cloud-based, social workspace that helps data professionals consolidate create and collaborate across multiple open source tools such as R and Python. Use the best of open source and IBM together.

Using your NoSQL data in Spark

Learn how to create a Spark instance in IBM Cloud and then query and display data from a NoSQL database

See what the community is building with Apache Spark

This open analytics community is focused on building relationships so innovation in data science can happen faster.

Why GPUs on Spark?

This article discusses the benefits of combing Spark for real-time big data analytics with the most popular hardware acceleration for HPC and machine learning.

Join the Apache SystemML incubation community

Sponsored by The Apache Software Foundation, SystemML provides an optimal workplace for machine learning using big data. It can be run on top of Apache Spark, where it automatically scales your data, line by line, determining whether your code should be run on the driver or an Apache Spark cluster.

ICA Con 2017 5th International IBM Cloud Academy Conference

May 24-26, 2017, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Wroclaw, Poland

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IBM Watson

Watson services on IBM Cloud

Cognitive computing represents the next revolution in humans interaction with technology to improve experiences and outcomes. Start building cognitive applications with APIs for language, vision, speech and data insights. Extract value and learn more from written, audio and visual content.

Watson Developer Cloud on GitHub

A collection of REST APIs and SDKs that use cognitive computing to solve complex problems.

Cloud for Education Resources

IBM has cloud-based solutions to enable you to implement new technologies and approaches to connect your students, researchers and ecosystems in ways never thought possible.

Watson Analytics Academic Program
Students and Faculty can explore data sets, get automated predictive insights, and create dashboards. They can also analyze social data from Twitter to achieve a more complete view of their data.

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Automated Accessibility Tester
Incorporate automated accessibility reporting and auditing capabilities directly within your application testing environment to quickly remediate accessibility violations before an application is deployed.

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IBM Cloud educator guide
Learn about IBM’s Platform as a Service and easily find classroom assets, labs, and other resources.

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Cognitive Systems Institute Group Speaker Series
Join the weekly call where industry and academic experts share their projects and learnings.

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IBM and Fordham to kick off new blockchain academic initiative
Extending from their business analytics curriculum, read how IBM and Fordham are partnering to educate the next generation of developers and users of blockchain technology: one that establishes the first peer-to-peer, global platform for business and personal transactions.

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Blockchain: The next generation of transaction systems

Business transactions of the future

7 principles for designing a blockchain network