CHI EA 2001
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Using a steerable projector and a camera to transform surfaces into interactive displays

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The multi-surface interactive display projector (MSIDP) is a steerable projection system that transforms non-tethered surfaces into interactive displays. In an MSIDP, the display image is directed onto a surface by a rotating mirror. Oblique projection distortions are removed by a computergraphics reverse-distortion process and user interaction (pointing and clicking) is achieved by detecting hand movements with a video camera. The MSIDP is a generic input/output device to be used in applications that require computer access from different locations of a space or computer action in the real world (such as locating objects). In particular, it can also be used to provide computer access in public spaces and to people with locomotive disabilities. Copyright © 2012 ACM, Inc.


01 Dec 2001


CHI EA 2001