ICRA 2022
Conference paper

The ThreeDWorld Transport Challenge: A Visually Guided Task-and-Motion Planning Benchmark Towards Physically Realistic Embodied AI

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We introduce a visually-guided task-and-motion planning benchmark, which we call the ThreeDWorld Trans-port Challenge. In this challenge, an embodied agent is spawned randomly in a simulated physical home environment and required to transport a small set of objects scattered around the house with containers. We build this benchmark challenge using the ThreeDWorld simulation: a virtual 3D environment where all objects respond to physics, and a robot agent can be controlled using a fully physics-driven navigation and interaction API. We evaluate several existing agents on this benchmark. Experimental results suggest that: 1) a pure RL model struggles on this challenge; 2) state-of-the-art hierarchical planning-based agents can transport some objects but are still far from solving this task. We anticipate that this benchmark will empower researchers to develop more intelligent physics-aware robot learning algorithms.