IWJT 2010
Conference paper

Sub-20 nm abrupt USJ formation with long ms-flash with sub-2 nm dopant motion control

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A new combination of long millisecond (1-2.5 ms) flash anneal at high peak temperature(1200-1300°C) and a new absorber with low deposition temperature (<400 C) have been developed to generate highly activated (Rs∼ 500 ohm/sq), sub-20 nm abrupt (≤ 3 nm/decade) N+ and P+ junction.This new approach also provides sub-2nm N+ and P+ junction dopant motion control with multiple long ms-flash which are required for precision device centering and doping for 22 nm and beyond devices. High performance SOI CMOS had been achieved with single long ms-flash and matched well with CMOS created with spike RTA+laser. In addition, long ms-flash NFETs was found to need only ∼ 1/2 of the B halo dose and exhibit no anomalous corner leakage which is sometime found in spike RTA+laser NFETs. These results demonstrate better B halo localization in NFETs with long ms-flash. © 2010 IEEE.