Star Formation Histories of the LEGUS Spiral Galaxies. I. the Flocculent Spiral NGC 7793

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We present a detailed study of the flocculent spiral galaxy NGC 7793, part of the Sculptor group. By analyzing the resolved stellar populations of the galaxy, located at a distance of ∼3.7 Mpc, we infer for the first time its radial star formation history (SFH) from Hubble Space Telescope photometry, thanks to both archival and new data from the Legacy ExtraGalactic UV Survey. We determine an average star formation rate (SFR) for the galaxy portion covered by our F555W and F814W data of 0.23 ±0.02 M o yr-1 over the whole Hubble time, corresponding to a total stellar mass of (3.09 ± 0.33) ×109 M o, in agreement with previous determinations. Thanks to the new data extending to the F336W band, we are able to analyze the youngest stellar populations with a higher time resolution. Most importantly, we recover the resolved SFH in different radial regions of the galaxy; this shows an indication of a growing trend of the present-to-past SFR ratio, increasing from internal to more external regions, supporting previous findings of the inside-out growth of the galaxy.