S3S 2013
Conference paper

SOI lateral bipolar transistor with drive current >3mA/μm

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Record-high drive current on the order of 3-5mA/μm is demonstrated in lateral silicon bipolar transistors on SOI. This is achieved by scaling quasi-neutral base width to below 10nm. The heavily doped collector enables the transistor to operate in high level injection regime without the detrimental base push-out effect. Measured cut-off frequency is the highest for a lateral bipolar and has a broad peak, confirming its immunity to base push-out. Functional complementary bipolar ring oscillator operating in the full saturation region is reported for the first time. The salient features of CMOS-compatible process and design, high current drive capability and low voltage bipolar logic present exciting opportunities for lateral SOI bipolar to complement CMOS. © 2013 IEEE.