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Social and behavioural media access

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Social media has received substantial attention in last five years due to its focal point on analysis and relationships among persons and on the models and repercussions of these relationships. In the meantime, with the fast augment in production and distribution of multimedia content, effectively integrating context and content for multimedia mining, management, indexing and retrieval on the Internet has become an evident and difficult problem. The interest in these areas is demonstrated by a significantly increasing number of publications each year. In this paper, we give an overview of the key theoretical and empirical advances in the current decade related to social media retrieval by considering not only the multimedia content analysis but also the behavioural analysis of the users. We also discuss the significant challenges involved in the adaptation of existing multimedia content analysis techniques for interactive content sharing in social and P2P networks. © 2011 ACM.


01 Dec 2011


MM 2011