IPDPS 2012
Conference paper

Reducing data movement costs: Scalable seismic imaging on blue gene

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We present an optimized Blue Gene/P implementation of Reverse Time Migration, a seismic imaging algorithm widely used in the petroleum industry today. Our implementation is novel in that it uses large communication bandwidth and low latency to convert an embarrassingly parallel problem into one that can be efficiently solved using massive domain partitioning. The success of this seemingly counterintuitive approach is the result of several key aspects of the imaging problem, including very regular and local communication patterns, balanced compute and communication requirements, scratch data handling, multiple-pass approaches, and most importantly, the fact that partitioning the problem allows each sub-problem to fit in cache, dramatically increasing locality and bandwidth and reducing latency. This approach can be easily extended to next-generation imaging algorithms currently being developed. In this paper we present details of our implementation, including application-scaling results on Blue Gene/P. © 2012 IEEE.