Applied Physics Letters

Rapid directed self assembly of lamellar microdomains from a block copolymer containing hybrid

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The directed self-assembly of a lamellar-forming hybrid block copolymer system comprising of a poly(styrene- b -ethylene oxide) and organosilicates (OSs) has been investigated. The addition of OS to the block copolymer is found to provide additional control over the persistence length of lamellae as well as the behavior of directed self assembly. Two OSs with different molecular weights and reactivities have been compared in this experiment. Both OSs yield the same local structure of lamellar domains but different degrees of mid- and long-range order. Longer correlation length and better alignment of lamellar domains were observed with the lower molecular weight, more reactive OS, which suggest a potential guidance for controlling over microdomains in block copolymer-containing hybrid systems. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.