VLSI Technology 2021
Short course

Quantum Computing with Superconducting Circuits

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Quantum computing has made tremendous progress in recent years, which led to wider interest in the field. Superconducting quantum circuits have emerged as a prime contender for implementing quantum processors, with the goal of realizing universal quantum computing. Quantum processors have scaled significantly in size, as measured by the number of quantum bits (qubits) connected on a chip, with devices incorporating more than 50 qubits available today. Likewise, the quality of qubits and quantum processors has also increased steadily, as measured, for example, by the quantum volume. Despite these advances, fault-tolerant quantum computing is still some time away, due to the significant hardware overhead and performance requirements for error-correction codes. But early quantum applications and demonstrations can already be implemented on near-term quantum systems.


13 Jun 2021


VLSI Technology 2021