EMNLP 2023
Conference paper

PROMINET: Prototype-based Multi-View Network for Interpretable Email Response Prediction

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Email is a widely used tool for business communication, and email marketing has emerged as a cost-effective strategy for enterprises. While previous studies have examined factors affecting email marketing performance, limited research has focused on understanding email response behavior by considering email content and metadata. This study proposes a Prototype-based Multi-view Network (PROMINET) that incorporates semantic and structural information from email data. By utilizing prototype learning, the PROMINET model generates latent exemplars, enabling interpretable email response prediction. The model maps learned semantic and structural exemplars to observed samples in the training data at different levels of granularity, such as document, sentence, or phrase. The approach is evaluated on two real-world email datasets: the Enron corpus and an in-house Email Marketing corpus. Experimental results demonstrate that the PROMINET model outperforms baseline models, achieving a ~3% improvement in F1 score on both datasets. Additionally, the model provides interpretability through prototypes at different granularity levels while maintaining comparable performance to non-interpretable models. The learned prototypes also show potential for generating suggestions to enhance email text editing and improve the likelihood of effective email responses. This research contributes to enhancing sender-receiver communication and customer engagement in email interactions.