Optics Letters

Modulation coding for pixel-matched holographic data storage

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We describe a digital holographic storage system for the study of noise sources and the evaluation of modulation and error-correction codes. A precision zoom lens and Fourier transform optics provide pixel-to-pixel matching between any input spatial light modulator and output CCD array over magnifications from 0.8 to 3. Holograms are angle multiplexed in LiNbO3:Fe by use of the 90° geometry, and reconstructions are detected with a 60-frame/s CCD camera. Modulation codes developed on this platform permit image transmission down to signal levels of ∼2000 photons per ON camera pixel, at raw bit-error rates (BER's) of better than 10-5. Using an 8-12-pixel modulation code, we have stored and retrieved 1200 holograms (each with 45,600 user bits) without error, for a raw BER of <2 × 10-8. © 1997 Optical Society of America.