Journal of Applied Crystallography

Modeling of kinematic diffraction from a thin silicon film illuminated by a coherent, focused X-ray nanobeam

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A rigorous model of a diffraction experiment utilizing a coherent, monochromatic, X-ray beam, focused by a Fresnel zone plate onto a thin, perfect, single-crystal layer is presented. In this model, first the coherent wave emanating from an ideal zone plate equipped with a direct-beam stop and order-sorting aperture is computed. Then, diffraction of the focused wavefront by a thin silicon film positioned at the primary focal spot is calculated. This diffracted wavefront is propagated to the detector position, and the intensity distribution at the detector plane is extracted. The predictions of this model agree quite well with experimental data measured at the Center for Nanoscale Materials nanoprobe instrument at Sector 26 of the Advanced Photon Source. © 2010 International Union of Crystallography Printed in Singapore - all rights reserved.