Journal of Electronic Materials

Measurement of thermoelectric properties of single semiconductor nanowires

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We have measured the thermopower and the thermal conductivity of individual silicon and indium arsenide nanowires (NWs). In this study, we evaluate a self-heating method to determine the thermal conductivity λ. Experimental validation of this method was performed on highly n-doped Si NWs with diameters ranging from 20 nm to 80 nm. The Si NWs exhibited electrical resistivity of = (8 ± 4) mΩcm at room temperature and Seebeck coefficient of -(250 ± 100) μV/K. The thermal conductivity of Si NWs measured using the proposed method is very similar to previously reported values; e.g., for Si NWs with 50 nm diameter, λ = 23 W/(m K) was obtained. Using the same method, we investigated InAs NWs with diameter of 100 nm and resistivities of ρ = (25±5) mΩcm at room temperature. Thermal conductivity of λ = 1.8 W/(m K) was obtained, which is about 20 to 30 times smaller than in bulk InAs. We analyzed the accuracy of the self-heating method by means of analytical and numerical solution of the one-dimensional (1-D) heat diffusion equation taking various loss channels into account. For our NWs suspended from the substrate with low-impedance contacts the relative error can be estimated to be ≤25%. © 2013 TMS.