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Maximum Processing Rates of Memory Bound Systems

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Must have access to a processor and main memory sunultaneousIy in order to proceed. Existing methods of determining maximum processing rates for multiresourcequeuing systems are limited to small memory sizes because problem compleraty grows exponentially with increasing memory size. By restneting our attention to a particular scheduling discipline (first-come-first-loaded or FCFL) and treating memory as the limiting resource, methods of calculating maximum processing ates of memory bound systems for reahstic mare memory sizes are derived. The distribution of the number of jobs loaded under the FCFL pohey is given m terms of a convolution of the memory request size distribution. The time averaged behavior of the number of loaded jobs is also found. Finally, the framework is extended to allow multiple job classes in the input stream. The results of fins approach allow one to estimate main memory size requirements from a workload characterization given m terms of arrival rate, memory size distribution,and CPU service rate. © 1982, ACM. All rights reserved.


01 Apr 1982


Journal of the ACM