Journal of Tribology

Lubricant performance in magnetic thin film disks with carbon overcoat—part ii: Durability

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Severalperfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants are evaluated in terms of their ability to maintain low friction and resist wear. The lubricants tested include three nonpolar liquid lubricants and one polar liquid lubricant. Dynamic friction measurements are presented for an IBM 3380-type slider in contact with 130 mm carbon-coated thin film disks. Disk surface run-in and disk durability are evaluated by monitoring the friction force during constant speed sliding. Disk run-in is presented as a function of lubricant thickness and sliding speed, while disk durability is determined for different disk topographies and lubricant thicknesses. It was found that lubricant viscosity was well correlated with the amount of disk run-in and the number of sliding cycles until disk failure. It is proposed that the greater wear durability of the less viscous lubricants can be attributed to their greater mobility on the disk surface. © 1991 by ASME.


01 Jan 1991


Journal of Tribology