Microelectronic Engineering
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Lithography and self-assembly for nanometer scale magnetism

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The limits to scaling the relevant physical dimensions required to increase the areal density of magnetic storage devices will be reached soon, if the storage density continues to double annually. Two approaches to overcoming the limit of the minimum particle size required for thermal stability are presented. In the first approach, a narrow particle size distribution is produced using self-assembled layers of magnetic Fe-Pt nanoparticles. The very narrow particle size distribution offers the potential for increased storage density by utilizing a smaller mean particle size and ultimately storage of one bit per individual nanoparticle. The second approach involves patterned magnetic Co-Cr-Pt nanostructures produced using a focused ion beam, which offers the possibility of single bit per island storage on thermally stable sub-100-nm islands. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.