IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits

Large-scale SRAM variability characterization in 45 nm CMOS

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Increased process variability presents a major challenge for future SRAM scaling. Fast and accurate validation of SRAM read stability and writeability margins is crucial for estimating yield in large SRAM arrays. Conventional SRAM read/write metrics are characterized through test structures that are able to provide limited hardware measurement data and cannot be used to investigate cell bit fails in functional SRAM arrays. This work presents a method for large-scale characterization of read stability and writeability in functional SRAM arrays using direct bit-line measurements. A test chip is implemented in a 45 nm CMOS process. Large-scale SRAM read/write metrics are measured and compared against conventional SRAM stability metrics. Results show excellent correlation to conventional SRAM read/write metrics as well as V MIN measurements near failure. © 2006 IEEE.