ICDH 2024
Short paper

Large Language Models as a Tool for Cognitive Stimulation: Chatbot Book Clubs for Seniors


This paper introduces a unique Chatbot book club application, harnessing Large Language Models (LLMs) to prevent cognitive decline in seniors, as part of a pilot study conducted by IBM and Harvard Medical School. The study will follow two groups of 70+ years old in assisted living facilities - a control arm and a group encouraged to read books. The Chatbot engages participants in the reading group in conversations about the books to promote continued engaged reading, with the hypothesis that this will measurably improve cognitive function. Utilizing prompt engineering and user profiles, it generates personalized, thought-provoking questions. The friendly user interface with large fonts and voice interactivity encourages cognitive engagement. Future work will deploy the Chatbot in the year-long study, iterate on improvements, and explore broader applications.