CAiSE-Forum-DC 2017
Conference paper

Information logistics and fog computing: The DITAS approach


Data-intensive applications are usually developed based on Cloud resources whose service delivery model helps towards building reliable and scalable solutions. However, especially in the context of Internet of Things-based applications, Cloud Computing comes with some limitations as data, generated at the edge of the network, are processed at the core of the network producing security, privacy, and latency issues. On the other side, Fog Computing is emerging as an extension of Cloud Computing, where resources located at the edge of the network are used in combination with cloud services. The goal of this paper is to present the approach adopted in the recently started DITAS project: the design of a Cloud platform is proposed to optimize the development of data-intensive applications providing information logistics tools that are able to deliver information and computation resources at the right time, right place, with the right quality. Applications that will be developed with DITAS tools live in a Fog Computing environment, where data move from the cloud to the edge and vice versa to provide secure, reliable, and scalable solutions with excellent performance.