ICCAD 2023
Invited talk

IEEE CEDA DATC Emerging Foundations in IC Physical Design and MLCAD Research


Recent activities of the IEEE CEDA DATC strengthen the DATC Robust Design Flow (RDF) and broadly support research on machine learning for CAD/EDA (MLCAD). The RDF-2023 version of the RDF adds standalone and integrated netlist partitioners, a detailed placement optimizer, dynamic power analysis, and enablement of new directions (design-technology co-optimization and 3D layout). Advancement of benchmarking practices and strong baselines has continued – e.g., the MacroPlacement effort introduced in RDF-2022 now has new benchmarks, integration of the AutoDMP macro placer, and baseline solutions generated by Simulated Annealing and human experts. Other DATC efforts have focused on proxies and other elements of MLCAD research enablement. These include real and synthetic benchmarks tailored for IR drop analysis, a calibration methodology for research PDKs, and artificial netlist generation for data augmentation and design space coverage of netlists used in model training. We conclude with directions for future DATC efforts.