ECTC 2013
Conference paper

High-speed signaling performance of multilevel wiring on glass substrates for 2.5-D integrated circuit and optoelectronic integration

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This paper reports on the evaluation of high-speed signaling performance of multilevel metallic interconnects on glass substrates. The wafer fabrication, transfer process, and passive electrical characterization of interconnects are addressed. Measurement results demonstrate less than 5 dB/cm insertion loss below 20 GHz. Moreover, 2-level wiring on glass with inter-level vias is utilized to implement 3.6-mm long transmission lines that connect high-speed transceivers and optoelectronic devices in a VCSEL-based optoelectronic fiber link. The relative performances of diverse configurations with and without wiring on glass are compared. Error-free link operation at a bit-error-rate (BER) of 10-12 is demonstrated up to 30 Gb/s with ∼3 dB sensitivity penalty for the link with glass carrier transmission lines. © 2013 IEEE.