IEEE Electron Device Letters

High-κ/metal-gate fully depleted SOI CMOS with single-silicide schottky source/drain with sub-30-nm gate length

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Schottky source/drain (S/D) MOSFETs hold the promise for low series resistance and extremely abrupt junctions, providing a path for device scaling in conjunction with a low Schottky barrier height (SBH). A S/D junction SBH approaching zero is also needed to achieve a competitive current drive. In this letter, we demonstrate a CMOS process flow that accomplishes a reduction of the S/D SBH for nFET and pFET simultaneously using implants into a common NiPt silicide, followed by a low-temperature anneal (500°C 600 °C). These devices have high-κ/metal gate and fully depleted extremely thin SOI with sub-30-nm gate length. © 2010 IEEE.