ASP-DAC 2008
Conference paper

Exploring power management in multi-core systems

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Power dissipation has become a critical design metric in microprocessor-based system design. In a multi-core system, running multiple applications, power and performance can be dynamically traded off using an integrated power management (PM) unit. This PM unit monitors the performance and power of each core and dynamically adjusts the individual voltages and frequencies in order to maximize system performance under a given power budget (usually set by the operating system). This paper presents a performance and power analysis methodology, featuring a simulation model for multi-core systems that can be easily reconfigured for different scenarios and a PM infrastructure for the exploration and analysis of PM algorithms. Two algorithms have been implemented: one for discrete and one for continuous power modes based on non-linear programming. Extensive experiments are reported, illustrating the effect of power management both at the core and the chip level. ©2008 IEEE.