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Electron mobility in thin In0.53Ga0.47As channel

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Channel thickness Tch dependence of electron mobility μκρρ in thin In0.53Ga0.47As channels was investigated at temperatures T from 35 to 300 K using conventional parametric and pulsed ID-measurements, including a novel technique with time resolution down to 10 ns. It is show that accurate mobility measurements can be obtained using low T and/or fast pulsed measurements, thus avoiding significant underestimations of μκρρ due to charge trapping with slow/parametric measurements. Furthermore, annealing is demonstrated to strongly suppress charge trapping, which results in μκρρ = 1015 cm2/Vs at Tch = 7.1 nm, carrier density Ns = 3 × 1012 cm-2, and T = 300 K. We demonstrate that room-temperature μκρρ degrades by less than 10% as Tch is scaled from 300 nm down to 7 nm, thus indicating that there is no 'mobility bottleneck' down to Tch = 7 nm.