Physical Review B

Effects of transmission factors and matrix elements on angular distribution of photoemission from Ag(111)

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The theory of the angularly dependent photoemission from a semi-infinite crystal as a one-step process is briefly reviewed, starting from the formulas of Adawi and using surface-matched wave functions in both upper and lower states and absorption in the upper state. We derive conditions under which the three-step model can be justified. The angle-resolved photoemission from Ag(111) is calculated from the three-step formula with transmission factors and matrix elements obtained from a self-consistent potential for Ag, and compared with experimental data of Gustafsson et al. The transmission factor has a small effect, amounting to a nearly constant factor of 0.55 at all angles over the energies of interest; the dependence on the angle of incidence of the radiation is much stronger and is in agreement with observation. © 1977 The American Physical Society.


15 Feb 1977


Physical Review B