Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Effect of pair fluctuations on the electronic properties of the negative Hubbard model

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Based on the fact that high-Tc superconductors exhibit strong fluctuations, we have allowed the presence of pair fluctuations in the framework of the T-matrix formalism using the 2-D negative Hubbard model for temperatures above and below Tc. Our equations are fully self-consistent. For T ≥ Tc the electronic properties change drastically with respect to BCS treatment, namely, there is a pseudogap around the chemical potential in the density of states, and the spectral function, A(k,ω), vs. ω exhibits a double peak structure which is related to the appearance of this pseudogap. For T ≤ Tc, we have generalized the formalism in order to include the order parameter. © 1995 Plenum Publishing Corporation.