CLOUD 2013
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Data On-boarding in federated storage clouds

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One of the main obstacles hindering wider adoption of storage cloud services is vendor lock-in, a situation in which large amounts of data that are placed in one storage system can not be migrated to another vendor, e.g., due to time and cost considerations. To prevent this situation we present an advanced on-boarding federation mechanism, enabling a cloud to add a special federation layer to efficiently import data from other storage clouds. This is achieved without being dependent on any special function from the other clouds. We design a generic, modular on-boarding architecture and demonstrate its implementation as part of a VISION Cloud, which is a large scale storage cloud designed for content-centric data. Our system is capable of integrating storage data from various clouds, providing a common global view of storage data. The users can access the data through the new cloud provider immediately after the setup, maintaining the normal operation of applications, so that they do not need to wait for the completion of the data migration process. Finally, we analyze the payment models of existing storage clouds, showing that transferring the data via on-boarding federation with a direct link between clouds can lead to significant time and cost savings. © 2013 IEEE.