CHI 2023

CUI@CHI: Inclusive Design of CUIs Across Modalities and Mobilities

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Conversational user interfaces (CUIs) are often advertised to be accessible and easy-to-use, yet it is still not known how to make them fully inclusive and acceptable for all of their potential users, especially for those who may stand to benefit the most from CUIs. This workshop is the latest installment of a workshop series on conversational user interfaces and will bring together scholars, practitioners, and researchers to discuss the state of CUI design for marginalized and vulnerable populations, how inclusive design is considered (or neglected) in current CUI design practice, and how to move forward when it comes to designing CUIs for inclusion and diversity. Our aim is to spark vigorous and interesting discussions from multiple perspectives on issues related to inclusive design, marginalization, and the benefits and harms of CUIs. We aim for this workshop to serve as a platform on which to build a community and determine future directions to tackle important topics of inclusivity and equity in CUI design.