ACSAC 2014
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Cloud radar: Near real-time detection of security failures in dynamic virtualized infrastructures

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Cloud infrastructures are designed to share physical resources among many different tenants while ensuring overall security and tenant isolation. The complexity of dynamically changing and growing cloud environments, as well as insider attacks, can lead to misconfigurations that ultimately result in security failures. The detection of these misconfigurations and subsequent failures is a crucial challenge for cloud providers-an insurmountable challenge without tools. We establish an automated security analysis of dynamic virtualized infrastructures that detects misconfigurations and security failures in near real-time. The key is a systematic, differential approach that detects changes in the infrastructure and uses those changes to update its analysis, rather than performing one from scratch. Our system, called Cloud Radar, monitors virtualized infrastructures for changes, updates a graph model representation of the infrastructure, and also maintains a dynamic information flow graph to determine isolation properties. Whereas existing research in this area performs analyses on static snapshots of such infrastructures, our change-based approach yields significant performance improvements as demonstrated with our prototype for VMware environments.


08 Dec 2014


ACSAC 2014