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Build A Sophisticated Microscope Using Lego, 3D Printing, Arduinos, and a Raspberry Pi

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I am a member of a team at IBM Research–Europe, in Zurich, developing microfluidic technologies for medical applications. Two years ago, I was asked to provide high-quality photos and videos of our microfluidic chips for a big tech event. I borrowed a 4K camcorder from a colleague, attached a macro lens to it, built a custom light diffuser using an LED matrix and polyester film, and positioned everything using a high-end tripod and a few micromanipulators. I was able to take eye-catching videos as liquids filled microfluidic channels. It was clear to me that this should be the new level of quality and style for our publications and presentations. However, my photo setup occupied half a bench in our lab and it required hours of fine adjustments to record one shot.


24 Apr 2020


IEEE Spectrum