SPIE Advanced Optical Technologies 1993
Conference paper

Arrayed lithography using STM-based microcolumns

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This paper outline a novel method based on arrays of electron microcolumns for lithography in the 100nm and below linewidth regime. Throughput on the order of 10to>50 wafers per hour for 100nm lithography on 200 mm wafers is believed to be achieveable depending on the number of columns employed. It It requires no mask and can be extended to the sub-100A linewidth regime. It offers the potential of a breakthrough for a low cost high throughput manufacturing process for the new generation of ultra-high density devices. The proposed microcolumns are to be based on a new concept which combines scanning tunneling microscope (STM), micro-fabricated lenses and field emission technologies to achieve a performance that is expected to surpass the The proposed approach will embody an array of these microcolumns, each with its own pattern generation capability, operating in parallel at low voltage to achieve high throughput. The low voltage operation is attractive because proximity effect corrections may not be needed. In addition, an arrayed microcolumn system also has the potential of reducing the cost of the overall system through the compaction of the mechanical system.