Proceedings of SPIE 1989
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Aqueous developable, negative working resist made of chlorinated novolac resin

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Recently, three approaches to sub-micron imaging using negative working, aqueous developable, novolac resin or poly(hydroxystyrene)-based resists have been reported: (1) Image reversal of positive working photoresists (2) Acid hardenable resist with post-bake process, and (3) Contrast enhanced-resist with deep uv flood exposure. Negative working resists with high resolution are important for fabrication of advanced devices. In the present study we examine a simple two component system consisting of a chlorinated novolac resin and an aromatic bisazide suitable for uv, electron and x-ray exposure. The resist is conventionally processed in aqueous developer, and provides negative working resist images with 0.25 m space and line resolution without swelling or scum. © 1988 SPIE.