MRS Spring Meeting 2024
Invited talk

Applications of Topological Semimetals for Post-Cu Interconnects


Conduction via the surface states in topological semimetals yields unconventional scaling behavior such that resistivity decreases with reduced device dimensions down to ~nm. This may provide a solution for the interconnect bottleneck in highly scaled integrated circuits. In the first half of the talk, we will present first-principles-based electrical transport calculations of a Si-CMOS compatible topological semimetal CoSi and a prototypical Weyl semimetal NbAs. We will summarize the simulation results of pristine films and films with point defects, line defects, or grain-boundaries. We will also report the contact resistance scaling between a topological semimetal and a conventional liner material. In the second half of the talk, we will report detailed experimental studies of CoSi. We first present resistivity scaling data of both polycrystalline and highly textured thin films down to ~5nm. Our magneto-transport measurements reveal coexisting high-mobility surface carriers with low-mobility bulk carriers and their temperature dependence. Most notably, we observe that the room-temperature resistivity in nanoscale CoSi thin films can drop below the ideal bulk single-crystal limit. Last, we present the resistance scaling of wafer-scale CoSi nanowires, both polycrystalline and highly textured. Our proof-of-principle studies demonstrate the potential of topological semimetals as post-Cu interconnect conductors and lay out the key challenges to tackle next.