Antenna-in-Package Integration for a Wideband Scalable 5G Millimeter-Wave Phased-Array Module

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This work introduces a multilayered organic package with embedded antennas that enables the integration of a scalable wideband phased array module supporting the n257, n258, and n261 5G frequency bands (24.25-29.5 GHz). The package comprises: 1) an 8× 8 array of dual-polarized antenna elements with 5.1-mm spacing; 2) RF, intermediate frequency (IF), dc, and digital interconnects to support radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs), filters, and combiners; and 3) a ball-grid array (BGA); it is implemented in a compact 42.5 mm × 42.5 mm × 1.65 mm form factor. The design achieves wideband operation with a minimal cost or a complexity overhead (e.g., air cavities or additional substrates) by integrating a novel magnetoelectric dipole antenna in the package. Direct probing and radiation pattern measurements of three antenna variants in two prototype antenna array packages demonstrate >6-GHz bandwidth with 0-5-dBi gain. Measurement results for associated liquid crystal polymer-based bandpass filters and power combiners are also presented.